Quench is a video game launched in August 2019 by Axon Interactive Inc. It is available on Nintendo Switch, Steam and Itch.io

Contribution #1:
Creating the eight 2D cinematics that take place throughout the game, including storyboarding, asset creation, motion graphics, and editing. This is the opening cinematic for the game.

Storyboards are done on paper and assets are created using Hexels and Adobe Photoshop. Compilation of the final cinematics, including motion graphics and editing, are made in Unity using the Fungus plugin. For a closer look at my process for making cinematics check out this blog post I wrote!

  • lightning_animation
  • seed_animation2
  • wind
  • dust_cloud_animation
  • rain_animation

Contribution #2:
Created the 2D animated weather powers used in the game.

The weather powers were drawn in Hexels, animated in Adobe Animate, then brought into Unity.

  • branding_03
  • branding_01
  • branding_02
  • branding_02

Contribution #3:
Creating the majority of the branding and marketing materials for Quench. This includes posters, conference banners, business cards, buttons, and postcards. I also created the graphics for our successful Kickstarter campaign.

Additional branding and marketing materials by Tabby Rose.

The branding materials were made primarily with Hexels, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.