• Osteoarthritis
  • neuronal_cluster
  • globe_midsection
  • dust_mite
  • meniscal_tears
  • fat_distribution
  • daddy_and_baby

This is a small sample of images that were created while working at TheVisualMD for use in online interactive health modules and videos.

My Contribution:
Responsible for compositing the imaging data (CT-Scans, MRI, radiographs) with existing photography and doing the final renders in Adobe Photoshop.

Imaging data were pre-processed using a proprietary pipeline. Compositing and final renders in Adobe Photoshop.

Above: (1) osteoarthritis of the knee (2) neuronal cluster (3) world obesity rates (4) dust mite (5) meniscal tears of the knee
(6) fat distribution in women over time (7) cross-section of the brain